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Q. What is the College Admissions Development Program?

A. The Princeton College Consulting College Admissions Development Program is the region’s premier integrated academic and athletic college admissions program designed specifically for tennis players. Participation in the program helps students maximize their probability of earning admission and scholarships (merit or athletic) to their top choice colleges.

Q. Is my son or daughter good enough to be a recruited tennis player?

A. There are collegiate tennis programs that recruit almost every level player. In fact, some of the most academically competitive colleges have tennis programs that recruit intermediate level athletes. We will work with your student athlete to maximize the number of academically targeted colleges where he or she would be a potential recruit.

Q. My student athlete has an excellent high school guidance counselor and
tennis coach/instructor. Why do I need to hire an independent college
admission and/or recruitment consultant?

A. High school guidance counselors may be an effective resource, but caseloads may not permit the time and attention necessary to advise and assist students interested in selective colleges and universities. Tennis coaches and instructors may also be effective, but often cannot provide a comprehensive on and off court development plan. Additionally, neither guidance counselors nor tennis coaches/instructors can customize and integrate academic and athletic guidance through the college admission and recruitment process.

Q. Why should I hire Princeton College Consulting instead of another
independent college admission and/or recruitment consultant?

A. In addition to his experience as an English teacher, Benjamin Caldarelli was trained at Harvard University to advise students and families on all aspects of the college admission process and is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. As a former tennis instructor, executive and entrepreneur, Peter Tilles brings a unique perspective and ability to help student athletes and their families develop and implement a strategic plan designed to maximize the probability of achieving academic and athletic goals. Furthermore, along with Nassau Tennis Princeton College Consulting has developed a program that is integrated with Nassau’s Junior Development and High Performance Programs so that both the student’s academics and athletic capabilities are maximized.

Q. Is Sportsworx.com a substitute for the College Admissions Development

A. No. While Sportworx.com does provide some of the tools that can help a student navigate some dimensions of the athletic recruitment process along with some SAT/ACT preparation support, Sportsworx.com only covers both athletic and academic support at a superficial level and requires the student to manage this on a totally self-directed basis. Having said that, Sportsworx.com does provide some tools that will be helpful to the student in identifying college coaches that can be approached once the college recruitment process is underway.

Q. If I decided to enroll in the Princeton College Consulting/Nassau Tennis
College Admissions Development Program, with whom would my
son/daughter work?

A. Your son or daughter will work directly with Benjamin, Peter & Joao on all aspects of selection and admission to their ideal school from both an academic and athletic point of view. Additionally, your son or daughter may work with our exclusive Master SAT/ACT Tutor.

Q. When is the best time to begin working with Princeton College

A. We work with students between 7th – 12th grades. Many of our students come to us in their sophomore, junior or even senior year of high school, but the earlier we begin working with your student athlete, the more we can affect the outcome of the college admissions and recruitment process.

Q. Do you have an educational philosophy related to the college selection,
admission and recruitment process?

A. Our philosophy is to find the best “match” and “fit” between an individual student and a college or university. A good match means that a student’s academic and athletic record make he or she a viable candidate for admission and/or recruitment at a college. A good “fit” means where a particular student will be most happy and successful, academically, personally, financially, and will best prepare him or her for graduate school and/or a career. Additionally, if given the chance to work with a student early enough in the process, we focus on developing the student’s intellectual and athletic infrastructure in order to stand out during admission and recruitment process.

Q. Can I afford Princeton College Consulting?

A. Yes. In addition to packages of service, we offer a range of individual services and can to customize a program to fit your family’s needs and budget.

Q. Do you only work with students in New Jersey?

A. In addition to New Jersey, we also work with students in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and now Arizona. While much of our work is done in person in your home and tennis club we also work via phone, e-mail and Skype.

Q. Are you available at night and on weekends?

A. Yes. We pride ourselves on availability and access and we are happy to meet with students around their schedule.

Q. What Colleges have your former clients been admitted to?

A. We are proud that our students have been admitted by every Ivy League College and
many other highly selective colleges and universities.

Q. How do I get involved?

A. Click Here for a 30 Minute FREE Evaluation