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Target: 11th-12th grade

Our College Tennis Recruitment package includes an in depth interview of the student athlete and their family, a thorough review and analysis of his or her academic record i.e. (transcripts and test scores), extra-curricular resume i.e. ( co-curricular participation and recognition, community service, experiences and hobbies) and a 90 minute on court assessment of the student’s tennis skills and fitness i.e. (ground strokes, speed and agility) resulting in objective strengths and weakness.

Considering these assessments we will establish the student’s College Application Index©. The College Application Index© is a proprietary assessment tool that, based on our training, experience and research tracks 12 elements of a college application and yields the student athlete’s projected probability of earning admission and merit scholarships at any particular college.

Next, we will provide guidance and assistance through all dimensions of the athletic recruitment process. Considering the student athlete’s College Application Index©, and evaluation of tennis skills and fitness, we will identify an initial list of colleges that match their interests and goals and classify each according to the probability of earning admission and merit scholarships i.e (dream, reach, target or likely).

Furthermore, we will help your student athlete research individual colleges and understand their main and more subtle differences. Through conversation with the student athlete, and integration of where he or she may be a credible candidate for tennis recruitment, we will help narrow the list of colleges to those that are both a good match and “fit.”

After observing the student athlete at a tournament, producing a college recruiting video, and based on the final college list, we will reach out to tennis coaches.

Summary of Services:

  • Academic Record and Extra-curricular Resume Review / Profile Analysis
  • 90 Minute On-Court Tennis Skills and Fitness Assessment / Analysis
  • Establish College Application Index© Score / Analysis
  • College Recruiting Video Production
  • Match Observation / Analysis
  • College List Development
  • Recruiting Materials Development
  • Coach Interview Preparation
  • College Coach Outreach
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Guidance
  • College Visitation Guidance
  • Early Decision/ Early Action Strategy
  • Decision making / Transition Guidance

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