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Pride in Performance

Target: 7th-11th grade

A combination of services, following the strategic plan, designed to maximize students’ academic achievement, extra-curricular resume and athletic performance. We will provide continued guidance and support as well as monitor progress. All on-going guidance and development packages are customized to a student’s individual needs and complement services offered by his or her teachers, guidance counselor and tennis instructor. Services may include:

A personality and learning style assessment that may help identify academic and professional areas of interest and enhance academic performance, note taking and study skills guidance to make learning and internalizing information more efficient, critical reading guidance to enhance analysis of information and arguments common in course work, standardized tests and the public square, an essay writing tutorial that focuses on process, skills, specific course assignments and standardized test preparation, vocabulary development in preparation for standardized tests, continued standardized test tutoring, and SAT / ACT diagnostic designed to choose the best test for your student.

Athletically, packages may include: Singles and doubles strategy / mental toughness training, tournament scheduling / ranking development guidance, and tournament observation and analysis. All early guidance and development packages include regular academic, extra-curricular and athletic reassessments.

Summary of Services:

  • Personality and Learning Style Assessments
  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic testing
  • SAT/ACT Tutoring
  • Note Taking /Study Strategy Guidance
  • Vocabulary Development Guidance
  • Critical Reading Guidance
  • Essay Writing Guidance
  • Signature Project Development
  • Academic, extra-curricular and Athletic Reassessments
  • Singles and Doubles Strategy / Mental Toughness Training
  • Match Observation / Analysis
  • Tournament Scheduling / Ranking Development

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