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“Our focus is to help families minimize the anxiety
associated with navigating the college admissions process while helping students get into their top choice schools at the lowest possible cost!”

Welcome to the Princeton College Consulting & Nassau Tennis Club – College Admissions Development Program, the region’s premier integrated academic and athletic college admissions program designed specifically for tennis players. Participation in the program helps students earn admission to their top choice colleges while maximizing financial aid, merit and/or athletic scholarship opportunities.

There are collegiate programs that recruit for almost every level, from the most advanced to less experienced players. For example, some of the most academically competitive colleges have tennis programs that would be more than appropriate for intermediate tennis players. The key to becoming an attractive recruit is the degree to which you are perceived to be a good fit by the college both academically and athletically. This is where Princeton College Consulting can help you leverage your tennis as a hook to gain admission and merit or athletic scholarship support.

The College Admissions Development Program is designed for……

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